Books by James Wilder

Mar 11, 2023

James On Success Books

Why read 100+ blog posts about building your dreams when you can save time and read the books! My “Success Series” books give you a start-to-finish path to quickly gain the key concepts, mindset, and practices for building your dreams.

Dream Builder’s Success Series

The Dream Builder’s Success Series helps you build a strong foundation for your dream, gives you a framework for building your dream, and identifies the ongoing practices of mastering your dream.

With FOUNDER, BUILDER, and MASTER, you have a complete framework for building and mastering your dreams.

I. FOUNDER - How to build a Foundation for Your Dreams.

II. BUILDER - The five pillars of following your dream and building something that matters.

III. MASTER - The tools to build to completion.

[In progress]


Success supplements are books that go into more detail on important topics.

ABUNDANCE - Living a rich life of more than enough.

POWER - Tap into your power sources to become unstoppable. [in progress]