Books by James Wilder

The Key to Dream Success

You can read 100+ good blog posts about building your dreams. But you can save time and read the books! My books are the core value of James on Success. They give you a start-to-finish path to quickly gain the key concepts, mindset, and practices for living your dreams. Here’s how…

Three Core Books

There are three core books that make up the Dream Builder’s Success Series.

  1. FOUNDER - Become the Founder of your dream by laying a strong foundation for your dream,

  2. BUILDER - Become the Builder of your dream by giving you a guiding framework for your dream, and

  3. MASTER - Become the Master of your dream by identifying the ongoing practices for refining your dream.

With FOUNDER, BUILDER, and MASTER, you gain a complete understanding for founding, building and mastering your dreams.

These books did not exist when I was starting my journey of following my dreams. I spent years guessing, trying, reading, watching videos, and taking courses. But nothing worked for me. So I decided the only solution was to come up with my own solution. Hundreds of notes, questions, problems, and ideas got broken down and condensed, organized, and revised month after month, until I began to have a clear vision. This is “first principles” in action.

Through FOUNDER, BUILDER, and MASTER, I share what I have learned so you can have the keys to a complete understanding for founding, building and mastering your dreams.

Read the books!

I. FOUNDER - How to build a Foundation for Your Dreams.

II. BUILDER - The five pillars of following your dream and building something that matters.

III. MASTER - The practices that will maximize your power to become the master of your dream.


Success supplements are books that go into more detail on important topics.

ABUNDANCE [in progress] — Living a rich life of more than enough

POWER [in progress] — Tap into your power sources to become unstoppable